Ministry Needs Phase 1

Would you join us by giving to help us complete Phase 1 of 2020 Vision? 
We have $22,500 left to raise!

Our Financial Breakdown.

$3,000 – will buy equipment for seminar presenters. This includes projectors and laptops.  We want to present these seminars as a team. The teams will include experienced Peruvian and international teachers.  They will also include apprentice Peruvian teachers. The apprentices will be learning the ministry. They will be leading small groups and working up to presenting the material on their own.
$6,000 ($3,000 per year) – will pay a Peruvian coordinator for the two years of Phase 1. The logistics of this ministry could rapidly overburden us so that we would have no time for teaching. Having an experienced Peruvian to handle this will keep it all on track.
$2,500 – will buy camera and reproduction equipment for DVD and online training. We will also be able to meet requests to teach at locations in surrounding countries!
$6,500 -- will set up headquarters for the organization. This will include rental and utility deposits. It will also equip a guest house and office in Cuzco, Peru.
$500-- will pay legal fees to set up the new organization in Peru. 
$4,000 – unforeseen expenses. We are talking about Peru.  Planning for anything involves much more guesswork there.
Individual one-time donations. (or a pledge given over the two years)

This is an individual breakdown of what we need to reach our goal. Would you ask the Lord if you should take one of these slots? The giving doesn’t need to come in all at once, although that would be fine. The giving may be spread over 2 years. (Monthly for example)
·       1 giver of $5000              (about $210/month)
·       2 givers of $2500             (about $104/month)
·       5 givers of $1000             (about $42/month)
·       8 givers of $500               (about $21/month)
·       10 givers of $250             (about $11/month)
·       10 givers of $100             (about $5/month)

If you prefer to give online, visit World Outreach Ministries and select our name from the list. 
The 501C3 organization of World Outreach Ministries will handle your gift with complete integrity. 

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