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Camp Pearl Blast

"Work In Progress" is the theme for this year's summer camps at Camp Pearl, Reeves, La.  We spent the weeks of June 18-22 & 25- 29 - those are Sr. High and Jr. High - being Camp Missionaries here. Mike also got to teach two classes and Tammy helped in the canteen.
The theme was very apt as we all got to see what God is doing in the lives of some very special young folks. The picture above shows one of the "works". These young folks came forward to show to their peers, all in attendance and especially God,  that they desire to serve God with their lives as missionaries, pastors, teachers or in whatever they do. These two weeks were fun, exhausting and well worth the time!
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June Milestones

IN PERU: Discipleship conference in Huaraz, Peru.  Paco Laos along with missionaries Brad White (Heartcry) and Russ Fleetwood (IMB)

IN U.S.: We spoke at Moss Bluff, and Grace Bible churches in Louisiana, and Beaumont Bible Church in Texas.   We also led music at Elk Ridge Baptist in Texas and taught at Jr. and Sr. High Camps at Camp Pearl in Louisiana.

Coming up in July

We have some BIG EVENTS coming up in July. Please be praying for:
Our new grandbaby due to be born July 9.  Please pray for health and safety for our daughter, Becky Gomez, and the baby.
Mike's trip back to Peru. Pray for safety in travel and a quick adjustment.
Elk Ridge Baptist Mission Trip to Peru.  Our son-in-law Pastor Miguel Gomez will be leading the trip. They will be working in our area of Lima and Pastor Daniel MeCabe will be teaching in Huaraz (up in the mountains) with Mike. Please pray for a safe trip that ministers to the team as well as the Peruvian people.

$105 Challenge!

You have more Bibles in your house right now than the average Peruvian church has.
Now I need to say this:
Consider making a $105 yearly pledge as a family. 
$105 will provide: One Bible per family (average church has 20 families) A study Bible for the pastor A copy of FUNFE for a Sunday School curriculum A teacher's ticket to come and do a Bible conference for the church so they can really use the Bibles.
We'd love for your family to join our team, because together we can fulfill the Great Commission!

Prayer warriors needed

We are going to send a weekly email or message to those who would like it.  This email will have 7 current prayer requests (one for each day of the week) and answers to prayer that we have received. Nothing fancy, no bells and whistles. To sign up email us at or message us.

Facebook messenger: Mike Riggs or Tammy Meeker Riggs
Whatsapp: Tammy Riggs

Frequently Asked Questions Part 1

We've been visiting lots of groups and answering lots of questions. Some questions are so popular that we thought you might have them too!

How did you become missionaries? Mike answered a call to missions in church as a teenager, but became alienated from a graceless church and wouldn't darken a church door until after Mike and Tammy's first child was born.  After they both started following Jesus, they became youth leaders, and then Mike felt a reactivation of the call to be a missionary.  Tammy's response: NO! If we do that we will never have matching furniture!
Their pastor advised Mike to not push this issue. If the desire was from God, then Tammy would feel it too.  Sometime later, she was reading a book about worldviews to review for the youth group. She realized that God had saved her from the futility and hopelessness that most people are experiencing, but that she was more concerned with having a nice middle class life than helping others experience that hope…

Ministry in Peru continues while we are in the US

In March, while we were up in Iowa, the team in Peru was doing an evangelistic campaign and training pastors in evangelism. They were rained out one day but were given an hour on the radio to make up for it.  A ministry that heard the program is interested in providing radio transmitters if we will broadcast solid teaching for rural communities.