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Worth the Trip

"The road is closed" said the flagman, "You will have to park and climb" As I looked up the muddy and steep mountainside to the village of Manchaybamba alta, I regretted not having boots and a walking stick. We were only about an hour outside of Andahuaylas, but I had never been here before.

 Brother Martin Leon drove us there in a new minivan that he bought to take missionaries into the country. As we neared Manchaybamba Alta, we passed through the largest town in the area, Pacucha. It is named after the lovely lake it nestles beside. I was invited to speak to a denominational pastor's conference and was dressed in nice khakis, dress shoes, and a nice sweater. The view up the slope showed a muddy, slippery mess.

 I had second and third thoughts. Maybe the pastors couldn't get here because of the road, maybe they could all come down here and I could speak in the field. Maybe I could say that my heart couldn't do this, after all we were close to 1…

Prayer request - Tim

Please pray for our son Tim.  He was diagnosed earlier this year with Crohn's disease and is currently at home recuperating from a surgery to remove an intestinal obstruction.  He and his wife Brittney are expecting another addition to the family at the end of this month, so this is a particularly stressful time for them.  They are blessed with a very supportive church and nearby relatives who can care for Elizabeth during times like these.  Pray for us, too.  It's difficult to be in another continent when things like these are happening