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Prayer and praise this week

Praise that the wedding went beautifully and smoothly.Praise that Mandy, Tim, and Dick (Mike's dad) all made it back to the US safely.Please pray for:
Chris Pelham, a prospective missionary here visiting Andahuaylas. He is sick. Pray for a quick recovery as he has to travel from Andahuaylas to Lima and then to the US.Mike is teaching at a conference this weekend in Villa El Salvador. Please pray: that he recovers from a stomach problem; that he has the right words to say, as he is teaching about creation and there are potentially hostile attendees--pray that they come to an understanding of the truth; and that travel to and from is safe. Travel even in the city of Lima can be quite a hassle and this is about an hour away. No fun with a stomach problem. Also pray for protection from thieves.Pray for Bill Rowley, Nathan Ingram, Chris Pelham, and Paul Talley who have been travelling in Andahuaylas meeting with the Quechua and the Kawsay Association. Pray for safe travel and a fr…

Becky and Miguel Civil Wedding

In Peru two marriages are required, a civil wedding before a judge, and a religious wedding. We'll get the religious wedding photos up soon! (But we loaned Becky and Miguel the camera for their honeymoon. :) NOTE: this takes a few seconds to load--the pictures will be in the black square.