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Another unavoidable rule of life

Most people are familiar with Murphy and his famous law, “whatever can go wrong, will.” It states clearly and concisely one of the little interesting facts of life on this planet. There have been books written about it, and other people have discovered other similar laws; we have Finagle's law, Godwin's law, Hanlon's Razor, and the Peter principle. I would like to propose a new one, that I have observed to be invariably true, and I would like to modestly suggest that it be called Riggs's Rule of Time and Events. It could be stated like this, “whenever there is too much to do in the time you have, there will be something else to do as well.” This law was operating at it's finest this last Monday.

Since moving from Lima, about a month ago, we have been waiting for our furniture, the bulk of our clothes, books, etc to get here. During this time, we have had many false alarms – the truck will be there on Friday, or Tuesday, but after we stayed home waiting, cancel…

"The Case of the Missing Finger" or "Money, Medical, and Matrimony

We are really immersed in Andahuaylas now. We have gotten started
with the Bible Institute work, joined a church (the Iglesia Evangelica
Peruana Central) in Andahuaylas, and we are really seeing all of the
Challenges here - including ones that we hadn't expected. That's what
I want to share with you.
One new challenge is managing our money - but not in the way that is
usually meant. Since we have been in Peru, we have been using ATM
machines to withdraw our salary. It is deposited once a month, and we
are used to taking out a little as we need it and leaving the rest in
our U.S. bank account to avoid carrying much or having much money
stored in our apartment. That worked great in Lima, but it is a
different story here. Monday we went into town, the ONLY ATM machine
in the city to withdraw money for this week - but it was down for
service. We decided to wait on Chris's Birthday present until the
next day - which was his birthday. But, the ATM was still down, we
asked the manager, …

Acostumbrarse - getting used to our new home

Remember the fable about the country mouse and the city mouse? Neither one fitted in in their new environment. They had a lot to learn if they were to swap places. Aesop's story about those 2 mice has always amused me, it is funny to see someone so out of place. Many TV shows have milked this theme for plots - from Green Acres (showing my age) to Perfect Strangers to Survivor, etc. It is always funny to see the confused and befuddled actions of the person put in a different setting - unless you are that person.
We have been living in a massive city of over 10,000,000 with all of the amenities and problems, activities and danger, hurried and frantic pace for over 4 years. Now we are in the beautiful little provincial capital of Apurimac, Andahuaylas. And - BOY! - have we got a lot to learn (and unlearn). Little things like, where can you buy large containers of safe drinking water, a 2-6 week wait for a telephone, or even how to cook beans.
The people here will tell you, with…

Prayer and Praise

Please pray:
For Tammy's mom, Annette Meeker, who is recovering from a heart attack. She has had two stents placed, and if all goes well will leave the hospital Saturday. For our (Mike, Tammy, Colin, and Chris's) adjustment here in a new environment. We are having to re-learn how to shop, cook, etc.For safe transfer of our books and other things, as well as our pets. This is complicated because the buses, that until recently carried livestock such as goats in the passenger compartment, now will not even permit cats in cargo. Everything is going by the truck that delivers to the hardware store.For Tim and his fiancee Brittney as they look for God's direction for training and a mission board.For Becky and Miguel as they struggle with the hardships of serving in Lima.For Association Kawsay as we will be meeting to chart our course for 2009.Praise God for:
A wonderful prayerful first meeting.The loan of a motor scooter from one of the brothers here in Andahuaylas to help wi…

In Andahuaylas for 2009

We arrived in Andahuaylas Tuesday night, December 30, after an uneventful (but looong and boring - 30 hrs.) trip.

All of our things that we are moving are still in Lima, including the pets, to be sent along later (the rates were exorbitant for the time between Christmas and New Years.) Our good friend Paco Laos is coordinating the move of the stuff.

Most people in Peru do not move, and there are no moving companies or truck rentals. In addition you have to have police permission for a move. And boxes are next to impossible to find. We have everything packed in the big raffia bags (see picture) that serve for most of the luggage and business transport here and a few plastic containers for fragile items. And cages for the animals.

We passed a very quiet New Years, as Chris and Mike were sick. They both had eggs over(ly) easy for breakfast on the trip.

Please pray for Chris and Mike to continue to get better quickly. Also pray for the smooth arrangement and safe transport of our go…