Wedding Update--Good News!

Finally after months (literally months!) of paperwork hassles almost beyond belief, we got the news today that all is go! Becky and Miguel will have their Civil Wedding - it is the legal nature here that you can't get married religiously until you have been married legally and civilly. This assures that that the religious (real) wedding date of the 20th is good! There have been so many hold-ups, errors and assorted gibberish that we were becoming afraid that the civil wedding would not be done in time, but God is so faithful! They will have their civil wedding on Friday the 19th, two days before the religious wedding, which has been moved to the 21st!!
Thanks for all your prayers and support throughout this difficult and costly process! Whew! Now if we can nail down a location...

Prayer Update

  • Continue to pray about the Becky, Colin, and Chris's visas. Still no action there--they are hung up in the Department of Justice with those or other missionaries.
  • Pray for protection for Mike's health after his busy trip.
  • Pray for safe return of Becky and the group from the school that went to Arequipa.
  • Pray for God's provision for a vehicle for us in Andahuaylas. Where we will be living is not within walking distance of a market.
  • Pray for God's provision for the wedding: still needed--Becky's documents to be complete, Becky's medical exam (required here), a location (and money to rent it (the first choice has fallen through)), money for the dinner that is served, wedding clothing for our family (apart from Becky), invitations for Peruvians (the location problem has to be solved for this to happen), and the fabric to be available for the bridesmaid's dresses.
  • Wisdom for Mike and I as we write a grant request for Kausay to obtain funding for the vocational and educational projects--agricultural training, school, and orphanage.

Praise God:

  • For the provision of a place to live in Andahuaylas--and more than that-- a whole facility for teams and campaigns--and adjacent to the property of Kausay. The name of the property is Munay Wasi, and the contract for use of the land is already signed (amazing in Peru).
  • For the opportunity He has provided for Kausay to receive funding from a Christian organization looking for a way to aid educational and vocational institutions in the Andes.
  • For the progress that has been made on curriculum and plans for the Bible Institute programs.
  • For Mike and Colin's safe return and very successful trip.
  • For His incredible goodness and faithfulness.

Praise the Lord! We have our house in Andahuaylas. It adjoins the property of Kausay and is more than sufficient - to say the least! We can host teams of 40 or so and with medical teams, we already have a fully equipped dentists office. There is also an auditorium, library, my office is the size of our current apartment and the rent is low.

This was an French orphanage, but due to internal squabbles they deserted it to the care of a local dentist, who did the kids teeth. He is a Christian and he offered it to me for our residence.

Also, met some Christian ladies from Lima who represent a NGO and are looking for orphanages, schools, vocational training centers, etc. to fund. And they just happen to be going back to Lima the same day we are - in the same 2 buses we are arranging seats together.
God is really at work! I can´t wait to see what more develops on this trip!

Travel Mercies

Yesterday I posted prayer and praise with two requests for travel mercies, Mike and Colin's trip to Andahuaylas and Becky's trip to Arequipa.

These are not "form" requests. Travel in Peru, as on many mission fields, is far more dangerous than travel in the United States. This is why we really do want your prayers.

The dangers of travel have become alarmingly evident in the past few weeks here. The newspaper page reproduced here from the newspaper El Comercio shows the latest in a wave of fatal head on bus crashes that have shocked Peru and left the people demanding reform and accountability.

In the last 11 days 84 people have been killed in these crashes, and hundreds injured. So far this year 291 have died and 2,777 have been injured in 930 accidents. The main problem is excessive speed and recklessness on the part of the drivers as they try to stay on schedule. This is of course related to the lack of law enforcement on the highways, which are mainly traveled by bus, as few drive or have cars.

Most of these accidents have occurred on the Panamerican Highway, probably the best road in Peru, (comparable to US interstate) and certainly considered one of the safest to travel. These are places that we have been countless times, which of course makes it scarier than if it was buses falling off the road in isolated jungle areas.

In fact, I remember one time travelling down the Panamericana on a bus in the fog. It was just me and Chris, so I was feeling extra watchful. As we raced along the coastal cliffs, I thought that the driver must know the road very well, as he couldn't possibly see it. The other passengers were not alarmed, because as they don't drive, they don't understand the danger. I certainly prayed a lot!

So do please pray for safety in travel.

Prayer and Praise

Please pray for:
  • The renewal of the kids visas(Becky, Colin, and Chris). For some reason, they are hung up in the Department of Justice, along with those of other missionaries. As an additional complication, Becky needs hers to finish the legalities for the wedding.
  • Pray for Mike and Colin's upcoming trip to Andahuaylas. They are leaving this Sunday and coming back in the same week. Pray that they have safety in travel and accomplish all that they need to accomplish there.
  • Also pray for a trip that Becky is scheduled to make to Arequipa (south of Lima on the coast). Pray for wisdom, as she has a lot of wedding details to handle, but was already scheduled for this educational conference, and safety if she does go.
  • Pray for support for Miguel and Becky's ministry.
  • Pray for the town of San Bartolo where we are now living. This town has no evangelical church. Pray that we can help a work to begin here.
Praise God for:
  • The apologetics conferences that we had this month with Keith Loftin. People learned important truths about mormonism and the new age.
  • Opportunities that we have had to reconnect with old friends and new contacts that we are making.