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From the seminary and the rural institute

A Classic Gag

Mike has been having trouble hearing for the past week.  He went to the drugstore and bought ear drops but with no result.  So yesterday he decided to go to the Dr. right before he taught doctrine class at the Central Church.  The doctor said that his ears were blocked and that he needed to take some drops to loosen up the wax.  She insisted that he needed to take some drops before he taught that night.  We bought the drops and went to the church, where Mike stretched out on a pew, to the amusement of some early-arriving young people. I started to administer the drops, and realized that I was not sure how many to put in.  I took a paper out of my pocket and shouted (because of his ears), "Read it to me!"

Mike boomed out, "2 ears of corn, 50 cents worth of peas..." amusing the young people still more.

Blushing, I shouted, "Wrong list!  And in English added "That's about the oldest joke in book..."

Oh well, pray for his ears to get better.  He'…

And the resurrection?

In Andahuaylas today, you can’t buy meat, most of the stores are closed.  Many streets are closed as processions go by.  They carry a figure of Jesus and/or Mary as they slowly walk up and down, weeping and mourning.  The Cathedral is full of people, some sobbing.  There is no joy here, no sound of business or of children playing – there is just profound sorrow.  It is Friday – Good Friday (Viernes Santo) and joy is prohibited. In two days it will be Easter – the Day of Resurrection!  But on that day, every closed store will be open, every restaurant bustling.  The city will be her usual hurry-scurry self.  Street vendors calling out, side streets will be impromptu soccer fields or closed for volleyball.  Children will be running and playing, and even the evangelical churches will be only partially attended.  Resurrection Day is the last day of our fall Holidays and everyone wants to take advantage of it, before the grind of the normal 7 days a week, twelve (or more) hours per day work…

A Strategic Alliance

Saturday afternoon started a new chapter for the country Bible Institutes. We signed an agreement with the Christian organization Paz y Esperanza (Peace and Hope) for cooperation in what will be called Comprehensive Rural Bible Institutes. In these Institutes, we will be teaching Bible, Doctrine, and Ministry classes, while Paz y Esperanza will provide the pastors, who are usually the leaders of their communities, with occupational training, classes in civil rights and responsibilities, and training in how to request Peruvian government funding for a project.

One of our goals has always been to help the whole person in the Quechua society. Last November we were putting together our goals for this year as a mission team. Miguel Gomez, Cayo Cardenas, Mike, and I were brainstorming goals related to our primary goals. One of these goals is to help improve the quality of life in the poor communities. Cayo related how the young women in one of the communities he …

Very busy weekend--or maybe not (ambiguity in the Andes)

Mike is gearing up for a busy weekend...or at least he probably is.

About a month ago a pastor from the community of Piscobamba came to talk to him about being the speaker for the church anniversary.  The church anniversary here is like homecoming in Alabama.  Everyone remotely connected with the church comes to the fiesta--featuring food, guest speakers, singing groups from other churches.  In many communities it is THE special event.

The pastor from Piscobamba is an extremely soft-spoken man with a very high voice.  Spanish is his second language.  He invited Mike to the anniversary and gave him a date for it.  Then he went next door to talk to the neighbor.  On his way back out, he reminded Mike not to forget the anniversary, and seemed to say a different date.

Since then, he has not contacted Mike.  Other leaders in the denomination have said that the first date had to be wrong, because it was during the national election, when it is illegal to have a public meeting.  So we are …

Prayer request- pigs and witches

Please pray for our friend Vicky. A neighbor's pig was stolen and the neighbor went to a witch who told them that Vicky and another neighbor had stolen it. Now the man is threatening her that something worse will happen to her and entering her property. The police told her that it was her job to make sure that people respect her, not theirs. Pray that God changes this man's heart, that Vicky has peace, and that she can find someone concerned with upholding the law.

Busy times--Evangelical Seminary of Apurimac opens

The Seminario Evangélico de Apurimac (SEA) opened the 2nd of April and the first class is well underway. This is the first evangelical training center in the area to offer a bachelors' degree and one of few in the country. Local restaurateur (and maker of some of the best pizza in the world) Martin Leon is loaning us the classroom location that is right off the plaza in Andahuaylas. The students, most of whom have graduated from World Reach Mobile Bible Institute or secular universities, are very excited to actually have a chance to study for ministry at a university level! Classes are offered every Saturday with extensive assignments to complete during the week.
Thanks for all your prayers, and please keep praying for:
The students, that their enthusiasm doesn't wane.
The facility--it is in the process of being improved.
Mike-He's writing many of the initial courses and teaching half of the courses.
Visiting professors-keep their commitments, safety in travel, good u…