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October Prayer Needs/News 

October 15,  2015 View this email in your browser

False Teaching Kills

I get so mad when people ask, “Don’t you do anything useful?”  I mean, they may put it nicer than that—as in, "Don’t you do anything to help victims of child abuse?” Or “Don’t you ever plant churches in remote villages?” But what they mean is “Why do you just teach church people the Bible?  Why don’t you do anything useful?”So now I tell them the story of Sister Primitiva. She suffered greatly and died because of false teaching. She and her husband were members of the church in Talavera.  We had seen them at church, but didn’t know them. Then one day the man came to our house.  He was what the Peruvians call a “humble” man. He wore a pair of unhemmed dress pants and the rubber tire sandals that are called yanquis.  He had urgent questions and also wanted us to pray for healing for his wife. His urgent questions were a list of Bible verses.  He had been taught, (like many others) him that these verses meant that it was a sin for a Christian to go to the doctor. And he had been taught …

Videos Page Added!

Looking for the road video?  Look no further!  I've added a whole page of videos.  Just click on videos on the tab above, under the map of Peru.