Mike out of hospital, still in Cuzco

Mike is out of the hospital and still in Cuzco. He has to take a stress test in 3 days to see if he is able to travel to Lima.
When we went to pay his bill we got a great surprise! The doctors had requested a further discount on the bill, bringing it DOWN to around $2000. Isn't God wonderful?
We are still waiting to see about the angioplasty price. The doctors are looking for a lower cost for us.
Thanks again for your prayers!

Prayer need update Sunday, 1/17

Mike continues to improve and is off IV. This means that the next big hurdle is actually money. He should be discharged tomorrow and I will need to be there with $3000 cash in hand. This really needs prayer!

The next question is the treatment in Lima. They are sending him for angioplasty and the price they have quoted (not officially yet) is $10,000. This is another big prayer request. Also if anyone knows about this please contact me, as there is no cardiologist here to give a second opinion.

An up to date financial needs page is on our website and I will be updating it daily. http://ping.fm/9lRTT

Serving our great God,

Oops! and update

First, there was a typo yesterday--Mike's cardiac enzyme level was 200, not 400!
Mike continues to improve. His glucose is high, so they are upping one of the meds he usually takes, not going to insulin.
Another answer to prayer--the hospital is billing us as though we were insured there and the total bill there will be around $3000 if Mike gets out Monday as planned.
Please pray for God's continued provision, as the next step is to go to Lima and a clinic there.
Many thanks for all your prayers!

Mike in hospital (detailed version)

This is not new news for a lot of you, but Mike is in the hospital in Cuzco after having several light heart attacks while vacationing there.
There was some difficulty getting it diagnosed, as his EKG was normal and he did not present all the symptoms of a heart attack. He in fact went to one clinic on Tuesday that sent him home with cough medicine.
However, about 7 pm he developed intense pain and a phone consultation on Wednesday (after several fruitless attempts to find a cardiologist--this is vacation time of year) with a missionary doctor at Curahuasi led us to a cardiologist who put him in the hospital for tests on Wednesday. The cardiac enzymes were in total 400 (normal is 35 to 150) indicating a heart attack--evidently several, starting probably Monday.
However, thanks to all your prayers and the good care he is getting he is improving rapidly and enzymes are now down to 40. He will be taken off medication tomorrow and will continue in the hospital a few more days. After this he will have to go to Lima for further treatment.
Please be in prayer for his continued recovery and for financial provision. We will have to pay our part of the bill when he comes out of the hospital, and we aren't covered at this hospital. Also the doctor has already told us that the procedure in Lima is a little expensive.
If you feel led to give a gift, please mark it Medical Help and send it to Believers´ Bridge, 4871 Hwy 29, Chelsea, AL 35043.
Thanks again for all of your prayers!

Beaumont Bible Visit

Twenty members of Beaumont Bible Church should all be home after a very busy week here in Peru. They came with the intention of forming a sister church relationship with the Iglesia Evangelica Peruana "Maranatha" of Andahuaylas,helping construct the Bible Institute facility, leading a VBS, and conducting a medical campaign.

The Bible Institute facility has run into various snags--too many rocks on the land to be ready to build, too many holes in the roof of the old institute we could borrow--in short, we know we are going to start classes in a borrowed facility, but not WHICH facility. So they wound up painting the office that Kausay will be using soon. Still the Beaumonters managed to impress with their professionalism and love--because they filled the holes in the wall!

On the church front, all went well after a slightly rocky start. The second day of VBS no one showed up from the Andahuaylas church to help. This was the first mission trip that had ever come to the Andahuaylas church and the first VBS held there, so they just never buckled down and organized. However, this was just the wake-up call the Andahuaylas church needed, and the result was a real blessing for the Andahuaylas church and the Beaumont church. The week finished off with an appreciation dinner for the Beaumont team with a lot of tears and affection on both sides.

I have to admit I am a little dissatisfied with one result of this sister church relationship--on New Years Eve the Andahuaylas church, with a great deal of ceremony, posted a sign at the front of the church that says U.T., in honor of the visitors and the "grand fiesta of sports" (National Championship) soon to take place in the US. I wanted to take the microphone and say just two words: "Rooooll Tide!"

On the medical front, all went really well. After the struggle to get the doctors authorized to practice, there wasn't time for the health department to publicize the campaign. This was fine, because we had announced it earlier to the pastors from the country, and they had gone back to their villages and announced it. The result was that we had mostly patients from out in the country (some of whom had never been to the doctor before) and not people from the city who just want to consult an American doctor and get some free medicine. And we had no lack of patients! Four people also received long-needed hernia surgeries, and the surgeon established a good relationship with the hospital.

It was a great time, and a good start on a lot of things.