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Ocobamba conference illustrates need

Our last Bible conference, in the beautiful but very cold town of Ocobamba, illustrates the importance of our rural institutes and conferences.  The organizing pastor, brother Gabino Gutierrez, was out of communication 10 days before the conference for a week and we almost had to cancel the conference, because we couldn't verify if we had enough attendance.  My Peruvian co-worker, Cayo Cardenas had to go to Ocobamba a few days before to personally see if there would be enough people for the conference (this was a Thompson Bible seminar, and they need to have an absolute minimum of 40 students to break even).
When Cayo got there, it took him all morning to find pastor Gabino.  He was up on a mountain top, fasting and praying for the resurrection of a child of church members who had died of complications of the extreme cold this year.  Pastor Gabino had been fasting, just drinking water, for a week and a half and when Cayo finally found him, Gabino had no voice and was frostbitten…

Thompson Bible Seminar in Ocobamba

Welcome to Ocobamba! This is the site of the Thompson Bible conference August 11-14. We had a few anxious moments preparing for this, as the organizing pastor, Gabino, went away for a crucial week to pray and fast. (He was praying for the resurrection of a dead child from the community.)

This is where we stayed--pretty luxurious for out in the country.

We decided to start a day early with a conference on Church History. We are starting a day early because many people will arrive late, and if they miss part of the Thompson seminar they will not receive a Bible. They requested the conference on Church History because they know nothing about it and are unable to meet challenges from other groups. By the time we started, there were more than enough on hand and registered for the conference to meet the minimun requirement, and the ones who had come on time for the Church History conference were now eager to learn more.