In Cuzco

It was time for a checkup in Cuzco. There`s no cardiologist in Andahuaylas so we have to go to Cuzco, 10 hours away on bus, for a checkup. (Many thanks to those who contributed for this trip.) The trip turned out to be too exciting. It rained all night the night before. When we left in the morning (late, because they were probably waiting to see if the road was open) we could hear radio reports of flooding and trees down. Sure enough, about 8 am, we came to a place where the road was covered with water that was moving fast. Half the passengers had to get off the bus and half stay on. The passengers that stayed on (Mike and Chris) had to stand at one side to stabilize the bus. Those that got off (Tammy) had to cross the stream by leaping from rock to rock. (While that sounds very spritely and athletic, I had to have help.)
In another place, a landslide had covered the road, but a bulldozer was already clearing it when we got there. Once again half the passengers got off, but this time we all stayed on. The crossing was tricky, as part of the road had washed on down the hill, but God was merciful and we arrived in Cuzco without any further events.
Once here, we tried immediately to buy tickets back to Andahuaylas, but the road was closed!
Chris was planning to go on to Lima to visit Miguel and Becky on his first unaccompanied bus trip, which was causing a little concern for everybody, but we met up with a family of friends from Andahuaylas who were traveling to Lima, and he was able to go with them. (The road from Cuzco to Lima is much better that the one we traveled on from Andahuaylas)
Mike´s checkup went fine. The doctor was more concerned with his injuries from falling on a mango peel about a week ago than his heart, which was fine. The x-rays showed that nothing was broken, and the orthopedist prescribed light activity and much rest for a month. Mike only wishes he could say he was beaten up by two strong men rather than a mango!
Please pray that my (Tammy's) checkup goes as well (it was postponed to Monday) and that we are able to get back to Andahuaylas safely.

More answers to prayer!

Things God has done.
Chris had a great birthday and made a wise choice of which friends to celebrate with.
Bill Rowley arrived safely (although two days late because of the snowstorm) and got home safely. He was really encouraged by the possibilities of web conferences and radio outreach.
Cayo Cardenas received a much needed computer. He has been making a Bible dictionary and a one year devotional (in Quechua) writing with pen and paper, but wasn't making much progress.
We received pledges that will make our trip to Cuzco for medical tests possible.
We had been wondering why we hadn´t heard from the IEP on the convenio, and we found out that they had lost the papers and we were able to send new ones to Lima with Bill.
Mike's father, Dick Riggs, had had surgery for an intestinal problem and was very discouraged. He is feeling better spiritually and emotionally now, and seems to be healing physically.

Answer to prayer #1 of 2011

This year we want to share some of the ways that God is working down here. Every month, almost every week, here we see God at work in wonderful ways. Sometimes, they are big and obvious, while other times, His work is subtle - almost unnoticeable, and sometimes in between. Sometimes they are answers to prayer, and at other times, they are, to us, a complete surprise.
This first one that we want to share is one of the small and subtle ones. I need to go to Cuzco for a cardiac check-up and a stress test. But for several reason, it was going to be difficult right at this time: finances, deadlines, very bad rainy high altitude dirt roads. To us, it seemed like, the time would have to be now - shortly we will be involved in classes, radio programs, promoting the new Bible Institutes. But, there were those obstacles - so what should we do? Well, we prayed for guidance and wisdom and it seemed like God was saying to hold off a couple of weeks - the roads will be better, maybe more money will come in, the travel and hotel costs will go down closer to the end of the end of the month, but still we felt confused and had decided to by the tickets and go, trusting that God would provide for the short-fall. I know that seems presumptuous, but we thought that we were being wise. I was going to go buy the tickets Thursday morning, so that we could leave Thursday night. However, Wednesday night Tammy developed a bad stomach and would not be able to take a 10 hour bus trip, we thought that I might leave Friday morning and make a Saturday appointment, but then Thursday night I developed the same bad stomach. Now some may be saying, well up there in the Andes you all ate something bad, but because of my diabetes I always get sick first, not Tammy and second; Travelers Stomach - as it is politely called - lasts 3-4 days. By Friday afternoon Tammy was fine and by Saturday so was I.
Coincidence? I don't think so, we had prayed for clear guidance and we got it, just in the nick of time. Diarrhea may not seem like an answer to prayer, but it forced us to stay in Andahuaylas. And there is more, there is another missionary couple from the States up here and they have their own car. We found out that they go to Cuzco fairly often, and offered to us along when they went. Sometime soon, I will be able to ride over with them. A lot more comfortable, safer and cheaper. God is always ready to guide us and give us wisdom, if we will just ask Him.