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Gearing up to go: Mike & Tammy Riggs in Peru

We've got plans!  And we're gearing up to go do them! View this email in your browser January 18, 2016 View this email in your browser


This is the time of year for making plans, and especially in our case.  We are finalizing our plans for our next term on the field, and getting ready to go back to Peru in February!

Many of you have already heard about our plan that we're calling 2020 Vision. We now have expanded that plan and added details.

Peru is a large and diverse country.  Like the United States, it is multicultural.  One big difference is that many of the ethnic and cultural groups are native to Peru.  Many Peruvians would identify themselves according to their region or tribe or language.  They would not identify themselves as Peruvians.  Any nationwide strategy to train leaders must adapt to different regional cultures. We are planning to establish regional training centers. Each one will have local ownership and its own distinct regional flavor.

That’s why we are calling this 2020 vision. We want to see 20 Biblical training centers – Bible Colleges - established in 20 locations throughout Peru by the y…