Winding down the trip

Hard to believe,but we only have 7 more days in the US. So we are winding things down, buying gifts, giving away stuff we needed here, cleaning up the car, checking baggage policies, etc.
We've had a great time here and picked up several pledges of support. It was well worth the trip and it was great to see friends and family--though of course we didn't get to see all the people and churches we would have liked to see!
But now we are eager to get home!
Please pray for:
Safe travel--we are driving from Indinana to Pennsylvania, then flying to Tampa, driving (riding with Tammy's folks) to Ft. Lauderdale, and flying to Lima. After a week there we will be flying up to Andahuaylas.
Colin --still looking for a job in Birmingham and a more permanent place to stay.
Packing--that we are able to fit in all we need to and have wisdom to discard all we don't.
Goodbyes--always hard, and there are so many of them!