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Peruvian Roads

"Oh man! Look at that backup!", Tammy was pointing to the long line of crawling cars and trucks on I-70 west of St. Louis. We were on our way from Alabama to Nebraska when we ran into (not literally) this big slow-down. We hadn't seen anything like that for years. The roads in Peru don't have traffic back-ups, but they sure have their own share of interesting and fun diversions. There is a TV show,"IRT: Deadliest Roads", that has featured Peruvian roads this year. Many folk have asked us if we have ever been on those roads.
The answer is, "yes"! If we didn't ride on those roads, we couldn't be here. Andahuaylas is in the middle of the Andes and there is no way to get out of there, get around in the region or even GET there (unless you fly) without riding on those roads for several hours at least. The roads are narrow, dirt roads and they criss-cross the Andes all over Peru. Many of the roads are way over the tree line and can b…