Worldview class at the Seminary

One of the students, a professional psychologist, came into the class with a totally compartmentalized mind.  As he told me afterwards;  he had placed his Biblical Christianity and his scientific work in 2 compartments in his mind.  As he worked in therapy and counseling, he would think of people as mere assemblages of blood, nerves, chemical reactions, etc, but then he would go to church where he is a youth leaders and he would try to treat the youth as if they were made in the image of God.

But it didn't work and he was getting frustrated at work and at church.  He said when I explained worldviews and showed the different ones, he began to understand that what he was doing was totally influenced by a mixture of secular humanism and post-modernism.

When we looked at the inherent weaknesses and the destinations of those world views he got more stressed and dis-satisfied , then when we looked at the reasonable, logical bases and processes of a Biblical Christian world view, everything suddenly made sense to him.  Then when we looked at creationism, it all finally and fully made sense.

He is now doing better work at the hospital where he works as a clinical Psychologist and I have heard from his youth how much better he is.  They say that it used to be like he was always psychoanalyzing them, but now he listens and has Biblical responses.

In Christ,

Andahuaylas - Talavera Landscapes

These pictures set to local music were taken quite close to our home.  One house on a hill is directly behind our house!  And many could have been taken from our upstairs window.  It really is a beautiful place to live.