Bible study in Leesville

This great Bible Study group of mainly military folks meets at the home of David and Renee Klann home in Leesville, LA.  It was great to meet with a group of committed Christians like these!
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Prayer and PRAISE 3-23-12

An anonymous donor volunteered to buy plane tickets and the prices dropped, so we now have a departure date.  May 16 we are going back to Peru!

God protected us during another spell of severe weather.

Our daughter Becky and granddaughter Abby (both in Lima) had been quite ill and have recovered.

Prayer items:
Several students for the seminary in Apurimac are in need of scholarships.

Walter Ccoicca, who teaches at the seminary, is still in need of most of his monthly support.  When we come back, he will need to be able to move out of our house with his family so he will need to be able to pay rent, etc.

Travel safety--as always.

Thank you for your faithful prayers!
I an going to try out blogging from my phone because it has been so hard to blog on the road.

Severe weather night in Louisiana

When we heard that we were in for a night of severe weather Tuesday here at Camp Pearl in Reeves, Louisiana, I subscribed to weather alerts on my cell phone.  It was beeping every few minutes from around 8 pm to 2 am.  Flash flood alert!  Tornado watch!

At midnight we got a tornado warning and moved to a sturdier building about 100 yards away.  We got soaked getting there!

Normally dry area now a mini-lake.
Thanks be to God, no tornado touched down near here.  Everything is just waterlogged.  Even today on Thursday I am still getting flood alerts from all the rain that fell.