Munay Wasi craziness continues--prayer update

Hi! Dear praying friends--just a quick update on how things are going.

Munay Wasi is once again a question mark. Actually, it was taken over
by the police and placed under a court appointed administrator the
last week of February. The district attorney came in with police in
riot gear, counted all of the inventory of Munay (we had to show what
was ours-- one overly zealous official tried to enter Mike's diplomas
as property of Munay)

Although this was a bit dramatic it has only resulted in
inconvenience--mainly because of the French volunteers that have been
quartered at the facility while the judicial proceedings go on. This
French Association is secular and the volunteers are very hard to work
with--they are always insinuating that we are doing something wrong.
Instead of sharing the kitchen they are always there cooking, eating,
or partying

Things seemed pretty bad for a while--guards watching our every move,
secular volunteers and their "security staff" getting falling down
drunk on the property, French female volunteers being less than
careful about being dressed. Most people think that this is an attempt
to run us off. An elected official even tried to threaten Cayo Vargas
(president of Kawsay) into annulling the official document that loans
Kawsay the property for the next five years by threatening to bring
criminal charges against him. (It doesn't matter that the charges are
false--this kind of extortion is all too common here because: 1. it is
almost never prosecuted here. 2. people are intimidated by the cost of
defending themselves, and 3. if there is judicial corruption they
could wind up in jail having done nothing wrong.)

Through it all Kawsay has stuck with what is legal and true, trying to
be a good testimony in the midst of a corrupt legal system.

Because of these problems the Central Peruvian Church in Andahuaylas
voted to let us live in their vacant pastoral apartment, rent free, if
need be.

However, all of the advice from Christians, Kawsay members and
Christian attorneys is to wait a little longer. The law is actually
on the side of Kawsay.

Now, we have received news that the judge is ready to overturn the
administration that illegally seized control of the facility and
return it to Kawsay. So we are waiting it out.

So we remain half packed--ready to move or stay all depending on the
will of our faithful and loving God. :)

We are making lots of contacts for the Bible Institute.We participated
in a Youth Conference over the weekend that was a real blessing.
God's answered our prayers about potential conflicts with the French
and the very real possibility that the administrator would decide at
the last minute that the conference (scheduled since early February!)
could not happen at Munay. However, God handled all of it--the French
went away for the weekend, and the security staff enjoyed the games
and the praise concert, one even brought his wife and baby!

We have also participated in a conference for leaders of the Peruvian
Evangelical Church. Mike already has courses of study planned for the
pastors that are already in churches - which will begin this
August/September, and the formal Bible Institute (which now has an
official- if maybe temporary - name - Instituto Biblico Theologico
Apurimac - or the Theological Bible Institute of Apurimac) when it
starts full time. (Projected for next year.) We will be receiving
input from the Peruvian Church Central Committee (representing 1,000s
of evangelical churches!), and are well on our way to an agreement
with them [recommending] [allowing] their pastors to receive training
at the Bible Institute. We have also recently been in contact with 2
American missionaries as potential and very interested (at least
part-time) faculty members for the Institute

That we would be patient and sensitive to God's will and leading as to
staying or moving.

That we would be a good testimony - even a blessing - to those who
have taken over the facility.

That Cayo Vargas and the other brothers of Kawsay can be a witness for
truth in midst of all the corruption.

Wisdom for all of us.

That the actions are handled by honest officials, and that God would
demonstrate the truth.

That the Bible Institute plans remain a focus and we don't get
distracted by the events surrounding Munay Wasi.

That God would send medical teams from the US. This kind of outreach
to the very needy community here will provide an opportunity to
witness to our neighbors and help to maintain the good relationship
that we have with the community around Munay Wasi.

Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.
Psalm 27:13-14

Tammy Riggs
Impact International