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Munay Wasi craziness continues--prayer update

Hi! Dear praying friends--just a quick update on how things are going.THE BIGGEST NEWS
Munay Wasi is once again a question mark. Actually, it was taken over
by the police and placed under a court appointed administrator the
last week of February. The district attorney came in with police in
riot gear, counted all of the inventory of Munay (we had to show what
was ours-- one overly zealous official tried to enter Mike's diplomas
as property of Munay)Although this was a bit dramatic it has only resulted in
inconvenience--mainly because of the French volunteers that have been
quartered at the facility while the judicial proceedings go on. This
French Association is secular and the volunteers are very hard to work
with--they are always insinuating that we are doing something wrong.
Instead of sharing the kitchen they are always there cooking, eating,
or partyingThings seemed pretty bad for a while--guards watching our every move,
secular volunteers and their "security staff" getting f…