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2 Important Announcements (Part 2)Second Announcement:As the SEA becomes independent, we are also changing our Mission Board. Believers Bridge is a Mission that provides a bridge for crossing from a need to a solution. That work in regards to the SEA is done, we will not be working here as part of a “foreign” board, we will be working with the SEA.
It is like a church planting a daughter church. There comes a time when the new church becomes independent. There is still a very special relationship between the two churches and there always will be. But the new church is a real stand-alone church. In much the same way, Believers Bridge has planted, nurtured, cared and provided for the SEA, but now the SEA is stepping out into the world. It is a proud moment for all of the parties.
As far as our relationship with Believers Bridge, it is coming to an end this month. Although in some point in time we may work with them again in starting a new work. We are burning no “Bridges”.
We are happy …
2 Important Announcements! (Part 1)First Announcement: In 2007 we began to work with Believers Bridge, Our one over-riding goal  was to do whatever God would lead us into in such a way that the work would be able to be a Peruvian ministry.
 That was behind all we did as the Lord led us to found the Evangelical Seminary of Apurimac (Seminario EvangĂ©lico de ApurĂ­mac or SEA) in 2011.
We are proud to say that the first big step into this independence has been taken! In December of 2014, the staff, faculty and students of SEA voted to elect their first Board of Directors. Mike will remain for at least two more years as the General Director The SEA has yet to become fully self-supporting (like all colleges will always need donations, but the goal is for the funds to come from Peruvian sources in the future). The new Board is in the process of putting the SEA in line with other Peruvian Institutions, so: The SEA will be formally recognized as a degree granting college, and will be able to get…