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Prayers avert riot

Campesinos with sticks
It's not every day that starts off with an army of men with sticks in your yard, but that's how Thursday started. We had gotten up early, cleaned the house and swept the steps. We were just getting ready for our devotional when I looked out the window and saw about thirty campesinos--the Quechua farmers--some with big sticks and other ones cutting down trees to use as sticks. This is the Andahuaylas equivalent of an angry mob with pitchforks, so Mike went to find out what was going on.

At the foot of our outside stairs he encountered Dr. Julio Gonzales, president of the Munay Association, talking on the phone saying "we don't expect any violence." The men with sticks said that they were there to "keep the police from coming in." And more of them were arriving--until there were about forty.

A bitter disagreement
The reason for all this is a split between the members of the Munay Association. The Munay (Caring ) Associati…