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Prayer / Praise Report & God's Provision

This poor man cried, and Jehovah heard him, And saved him out of all his troubles. (Psa 34:6)
Praises! God has been providing awesomely, in both big and small things.
We needed someone to watch our apartment in Andahuaylas. Our friends and co-workers, the Vargas family, received the bad news that their landlady was raising their rent, and needed somewhere to stay while they finish the house they have been building. They couldn't stay in the apartment they are now without renewing the lease. So they are staying in our apartment, caring for the dog, etc. Problem(s) solved!
Colin needed to pay a fine to leave the country--due to a governmental error he lost his resident status and technically has been in the country illegally. Peru doesn't care about this, but won't let you leave without paying. There is no problem with coming back! They just want their money. Two days ago we had no idea where this would come from, but a VBS class of kindergarteners gave enough to cover …

Road to Umaca