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Harvests of Grace

Wow! Sorry that we haven't written for a while, it has been like riding a whirlwind - in a good way! This has been a month of new work and watching ex-students succeed in exciting ways.
In March we had to go to Lima to renew our visas and while there, we got to watch an ex-student of mine (Antonio) leading a conference on forgiveness. He was great, and his church is growing, it was such a thrill to see him serving.
When we got back up here,we found the problems at Munay Wasi still unresolved. We decided to move out and had a dinner of reconciliation with the French side. Now, although the Munay members continue accusing one another, we are free to use the facility for conferences and events no matter who wins, and were able to get out with a good testimony. We started looking for an apartment and found a nice one in one day - it had just come open and we snapped it up, as we were signing, other people were coming to try to rent it, whew!Then, we were invited to lead a youth…