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1:30 in the morning.  It is wet and cold.  I am standing in mud halfway to my knees working with many other bus passengers trying to dig a semi out of the mud so that we can get home to Andahuaylas.  This is the last stretch of journey that started a week ago, and I am tired.

It all started Monday, Feb. 18.  It is never a good idea to travel during the rainy season of January & February, but we didn't have a choice.  The changes in the immigration laws and the ones that have come from the religious freedom law have made it necessary to try to get an extension (which we hoped to do in Cuzco) or to cross the border by the 23rd.  The new laws, supposedly written to make things easier for  Evangelicals here in Peru, have actually made life more difficult.  We have been doing like many missionaries and keeping ourselves legal here by doing a border crossing every 6 months.  But now they can only give a 6 month visa once per year, the others can only be 3 months long.  Due to…

A Week to Remember!

"Brother Mike, where are you.  The bus is going to leave Uripa soon".  I was sitting in the taxi from Andahuaylas to Uripa, about an hour from both towns, watching the driver repair his overheated engine.  The bus from Uripa - a minivan, or combi, actually - was going to take me to the middle of the next State, Ayacucho, where I was going to spend the week teaching Greek 2 in a seminary.  The driver got the engine cooled down and filled the radiator with water and I made it to Uripa, just in time to catch the bus, which had been waiting for me to start the 4-7 hour (depending upon the rain and road construction) trip to the city of Ayacucho.
January and February here are the rainy season, and we get TORRENTIAL rains that cause mudslides that can wash away or block roads, destroy villages and isolate towns.  As we crossed the river Pampas, which is low ground and jungle-like, the rain began to fall as we began the ascent up to the mountains of Ayacucho.  about 3 hours into t…