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Good News!

Hi Everyone,

Mike blogging again, and on very little sleep, so I will keep it short and sweet :)
Tammy came through the surgery yesterday with flying colors and is now (still in the hospital until at least tomorrow) recovering. The surgery was long and complicated - it took 2 surgeons almost 6 hours. But praise God, even though she looks like a bloody mummy from the waist down, she is on the road to recovery. She can't get back to normal for at least a month, but all signs point to a complete recovery.
Thank you all for your prayers and support.
Tammy says carving the turkey on Thanksgiving will be different from now on, since she spent Thanksgiving being carved on ;).
God bless,

The World Comes to Peru

Recently, the difference between Peru and the US was was very obvious
yet once again. Peru hosted the Apec (Asian Pacific Economic
Cooperation) summit here in Lima. Now it is a big event, many world
leaders were here from 21 countries - even President Bush and
Chairman Hu from China. But the different and surprising part was the
security. In order to try to keep order , the Federal government declared the whole four days - Thursday through Sunday a holiday. All schools were closed, banks were closed, factories were
closed - only small casual businesses were allowed to be open - outside of downtown. And in
the central City and surrounding areas many of the important streets
were closed.
Of course kids loved a 4-day weekend (and out here in the in the beach
town of San Bartolo, the partiers came by the hundred - and a few were
sober at times). It was hard on regular folks because, they just lost
4 days pay, I had to reschedule a Dr. appt, because the clinic was
closed. Only emerg…

Surgery and a 30 day delay

Definitely there is surgery in my future. The vascular surgeon and another cardiologist say that there is no other option for my problems with my legs. Yes, LEGS , I am going to have vein stripping (they really pull the veins out of your legs! eewww!) So next week I should get the bad veins removed (that sounds very creepy to me!) Unfortunately the doctor also said it would be four weeks before I could travel, so the move to Andahuaylas will have to be after Christmas.
I know that God has a plan in this happening at this time.
Please praise God for a good housing solution for the one month extra. The landlady yesterday suggested that we could stay where we are--which would be the best solution--but because it is beachfront and summer is beginning it would be way out of our price range if they charge the usual summer rate. Also they are very nice people and we don't want them to lose any income from the apartment by us staying here. However, today the Landlord said that we ha…

Health News Update

We went back to the cardiologist yesterday for all of the test results.

items for praise:
My blood pressure is normal and the heart arrhythmia has gone away!! Real answer to prayer.
Mike has lost 3 kilos and his diabetes is well under control.

items for prayer:

I am going to need surgery on my leg as my tests came back showing severe venous insufficiency. Pray that I can get this taken care of quickly as we are coming right up to time to move.

Pray that I have no further complications with this leg such as more infections and tissue damage.

Pray that Mike's blood pressure continues to come down. It is much better now, but not quite there, as they are still adjusting his medicine.

Pray for the strength and peace to deal with additional complications to the moving process.

Thanks for your prayers! They really work!


If you have an abundant life, shouldn't you have an abundance mentality?

The idea of an abundance mentality is very popular in personal development literature. And with good reason-- a lot of personal development literature reads like Christian literature with the Bible, God, and Christ removed. In fact, that's exactly what it is. And this teaching is actually OUR teaching, with its essential spiritual parts removed.

As Christians we know that we have an abundant life--because Jesus said he came to give us one. I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. (John 10:10b NIV) But sadly, that is sometimes the only way we know it.

Our problem is that to recognize the abundant life that we have in Christ, we need to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. (Rom. 12:2) While we look at things in the same old way, we miss the rich gifts that God has given us in Christ.

So, if we put the missing elements into the teaching of "abundance mentality" we come out with some teachings that are real and meaty, instead of the "enc…


This picture is from the top of Sondor, the ancient Chanka ( the culture of the area) fortress. The Chankas rebelled against the Inca empire and were defeated at this place.
This is at the bottom, where you first arrive.
Chris is at the very, very top.
WE are a little bit lower, but the view is beautiful. I have a lot of pictures of other people here, so I was glat to get to go myself.
God bless you and have a great week!

Munay Wasi (new center of operations)

These are not my pictures--I still don't have a cable to get them off of my new phone :(
But I found these online from the people who built it. The pictures are: 1. The front gate, 2. The house--we will live on the second floor. The part in back is where the auditorum, guest rooms, and kitchen are. 3. The library, 4. The school,
Mike's office will be on the first floor of the house, next to the dentist's office across from the auditorium.

Prayer Request - Health

As part of getting ready for the move, we have scheduled checkups. This Tuesday we went to the cardiologist, Mike to check on his blood pressure and to change his medication because he found out it is linked to kidney stones, and me to check on my problem leg.
My problem leg is the one that I have had recurrent cellulitis in since a trip to Piura where a mosquito bite started the trouble.
It turned out that I have slightly high blood pressure too. Probably a result of the weight I picked up on the US trip!
Also that the recurrent infections are related to a circulation problem, so I will be having a test today to see how much of a problem that is.
Also that Mike's medication wasn't controlling his blood pressure well anymore, anyway, so definitely needed changed.

Please pray--
that our test results come out wellthat Mike's new medicine takes effect right away (yesterday we could see that it was starting to work)that my pressure comes down.
that we would lose enough weight to m…