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Pray for Peru

Today is Peruvian Independence Day and I thought I would post some prayer requests for the country of Peru.

Please pray:
That the government remains stable and is responsive to the needs of the poor and the provinces.

That the new law of Religious Toleration accomplishes its purpose of allowing all denominations to be chaplains and provide religious instructions in schools, etc. and is not twisted into causing more regulations and state control.

That the people of Peru develop a respect and love for their own culture, especially the indigenous peoples, and realize that they have potential and capacity to learn equal to North Americans and Europeans.

That many turn to Christ as the only answer, both for the country's problems and their personal problems.

For the pastors of the many small and struggling churches, and for revival in these churches.

And... just maybe, for a GOOD national soccer team.

Yours in Christ,

Back from Youth Conference

We made it! Mike is no worse for the trip--he is on some hefty antibiotics and the Dr. said the climate in Umaca would make him better. And it would have been if it hadn't rained yesterday, probably.
Umaca is an hour away over the winding mountain roads. The trip there is full of breathtakingly beautiful mountain scenery, green checkerboard fields, snow-capped peaks, winding river vallies, the usual stuff. We went in a truck with several people and all the mattresses for the conference and took the dog along so he could enjoy some greenery and space (he lives on the roof here in Andahuaylas.) The pastor of the IEP church in Umaca drove the truck. We got to ride in the front with him, the boys and the rest rode in the back with the dog and the mattresses.
Umaca is in a sheltered valley, so it has tropical fruits, parrots, flies, hot days, and cold nights.
All of the schedules in the country have been changed because of swine flu, so events that were scheduled for the midwinter b…

Catch up

The day after our last post we went on a trip to Lima to renew the boys' passports. Because Chris is a minor both of his parents have to be present with his birth certificate, so we all had to go. This was a good chance to visit Miguel and Becky.

For those who don't already know, Becky is expecting! Our trip came at a good time for them because Miguel was going to the north with a group from Anniston Bible Church, and so we could stay with Becky.

Passport renewal was complicated by a transportation strike that made it impossible to cross town for two days. But we got it done!

Our return to Lima was uneventful and rapid! We arrived at Abancay just in time to board a bus for Andahuaylas with no layover.

Once here we were back at work again on Bible Institute courses and a youth conference. The youth conference date was moved up to this weekend because the annual school vacations have been moved up two weeks because of the swine flu epidemic.

However, Mike has come down with th…

As predictable as.... Peru?

Saturday morning I got up early to go give a devotional at a women's conference. Before I left I set out the garbage, because the garbage truck had gone by ringing its bell. (It goes by ringing its bell and then comes back and picks up the garbage sometime later.) Actually I set out the garbage, and then picked it up after a dog ripped into it. And actually, Mike took it back in the house later because the truck didn't come back. Just a harbinger!

I arrived at the church and found the door inside to the sanctuary locked and no one around. The church custodian arrived with a bag of oatmeal--and told me that the sisters were not there for the conference, but that there were problems--the enemy, she whispered always attacks at such times. And said that she had been there until 5 am for the prayer vigil. Then she let me into the sanctuary. I decided to pray as I waited for the ladies, but I kept hearing crying and shouting from a back room, so I decided to pray for the &qu…