Louisiana times and short term trips

We're in Louisiana now at Camp Pearl. The weather has mostly been hot and muggy or rainy with a lot of mosquitoes. However, the last few days have begun to feel like fall.

The churches here are planning a mission trip to Andahuaylas at the end of 2010. That will be exciting. There are lots of opportunities to help with teaching, construction, or medical campaigns.

Beaumont Bible Church ( from Beamont TX) is planning a trip for the end of this year. This will be our first time to host a team up there, so we will be making all the arrangements when we return the first of November. Everyone there in Andahuaylas has been praying for them to come down and we already have a lot of backup for the medical team that is coming.

It is a struggle not to get fat out here because there is just too much good food! We will try to post some pictures later this week. (of the churches--not of food or how fat we are :)

On to Texas

Early Friday morning we said goodbye to son Colin, who is staying behind in Birmingham and starting his first job.

We also swung by the animal clinic to say goodbye to daughter Mandy, who was still at work, and were off to Texas!

Saturday we caught some football on TV for the second time in 5 years!

Sunday we visited Faith Bible Church in LaMarque, Texas.

Chad Barrett, shown here as "El Gringo" is pastor.


Just a fly by...
We left Lima for the US on August 12, on a day complicated by a nerve-wracking run in with a corrupt immigration official in Lima and the birthday of Miguel's mother, Maria Navarro.
Arrival on the 13th (cheap tickets) was also a little complicated by the lack of rental cars in the airport in Fort Lauderdale, but friends at Missionary Resource Network in Fort Lauderdale graciously loaned us a van and we were on our way by afternoon.
We enjoyed a few days with my family in Tampa and then were on our way on Sunday to speak Sunday night in our son Tim's church in Samson, Alabama. Mike left early Monday to return the van and pickup the car that CMTS ministries in Pennsylvania had for us.
Tim Brittney WEdding
Saturday, the 22nd was the day of Tim's wedding to Miss Brittney Simpson, a fine young lady who hails from Florala. They honeymooned in Gatlinburg and will be living in Opp, where Brittney is a nurse at the hospital and Tim works in a grocery store and in the Latino ministry in his church in Samson. That Sunday we visited and Mike spoke at Paxton 1st Assembly of God, where Brittney's grandfather is the pastor. They are contributing Bibles for youth work in Andahuaylas.

Sunday the 30th we were at Salem Presbyterian close to Lake Logan Martin, where Dr. Bill Maynor is pastor. We have enjoyed visiting with our daughter Mandy in Birmingham, and also enjoyed the Mary and Martha Society luncheon with old friends from Brook Highland Community Church on Friday the 4th.
Mike enjoyed catching the football games on Saturday and Sunday found us at Chelsea Bible Church in the morning and Rock Mountain Lakes Baptist that night.
And... this Friday we head out to Louisiana and Texas.