Join our Thursday Prayer Meeting!

Every Thursday the Believers Bridge missionaries here have been meeting for prayer, and suddenly I had the genius idea to include all of you in it by blog.
Here are the requests from today's meeting.

There was a bus wreck here in the province of Andahuaylas. It was the bus going from here to Inca Huasi. (Where the coffee comes from and where we have had to postpone two conferences) 16 people are confirmed dead but only five have been identified. Rumors are flying that someone from our church was aboard the bus, but so far there is no agreement as to who. Please pray for the families involved.
Bill Rowley, President of Believers Bridge, has put his house up for sale and is setting out on a support-raising trip. Please pray for the family in this time of transition. Also pray for his trip to Peru, probably in January.
The family of Miguel Gomez, our son-in-law, is suffering some difficult times. His little niece and nephew have been sick, especially the baby, Mia, who has a high fever and a cough. His sister Patti, is feeling sad and discouraged. Not only are the babies sick, but her husband, who has several times made a profession of faith, shows no interest in Christianity or church. And her father-in-law is in the hospital with diabetes and tuberculosis.
Miguel's parents are also having problems. His stepfather lost his pay--it evidently fell out of his pocket on his way home--and now he and Miguel's mother are having to work night shift guarding the market to get by until his next pay. He feels really bad about this, especially because Miguel's mother is just recovering from the flu. They are both in their seventies.
Miguel and Becky need prayer for decisions that they have to make about their ministry, and prayer for support.
Cayo Cardenas, another BB missionary, needs prayer for his family. His wife, Maritza, and his two children have been struggling with various illnesses.
Cayo also needs prayer for the translation project that he is working on-- a small Bible Dictionary in Quechua. He will be traveling to Cuzco in December to officiate at a wedding.
Tammy is directing the Andahuaylas church choir at the swearing in of the regional government officials, and asks prayer for herself and the choir.
The mayor of nearby town, (Martin) although an evangelical, fell into many problems and wound up in jail. Now that he has come to his senses, he feels that no one will ever trust him again. Pray for real repentance and the strength to start over.
Pray for the progress of our agreement with the IEP (Iglesia Evangelica Peruana). We are waiting for their response to our response to their proposal. And for patience on our parts.
Pray for the couples that we are counseling. Some of them have serious problems.
Pray for the Music and Worship Conference this weekend in Huayrapata. Miguel, Mike, and Cayo will be teaching.
Pray for the upcoming meeting of the Apurimac Synod of the IEP. They will be making several decisions that affect Bible Institutes.
Pray for the families of Chad Barrett and Alejandro Cabrera. Both men have been influential here and their families are struggling with cancer. Alejandro's wife Christy is no longer seeking treatment and they are just looking for the Lord's will as to what happens. Chad's 9 yo daughter Kristina has cancer and the doctors are currently stepping up treatment. Both families need our support in prayer.
Please pray for our son Colin, who is trying to find a place to stay and a job before Christmas. He needs wisdom in making decisions, as well.

Thanks for joining us in prayer for these requests.