Christmas Project

In the Apurimac area the poorest children are not reached at Christmas by any ministry. There has been a longstanding problem in the area that diverts Christmas gifts to other locations.

Because of this Missionary Becky Gomez Riggs (our daughter) and longtime ministry helper Yesenia Rivera are organizing a program to go directly to these children with gifts from the US and from Lima.

If you want to support their ministry you need to contact us directly. In addition, it is listed on our Fall Ministry Needs page. Here is a presentation that explains the program:

Don't miss out!

March 5, 2016 - You wake up and think of that upcoming Missions Sunday at your church.  Who were you going to contact?  Oh yeah!  Mike Riggs.  You've been wanting to hear about his ministry in Peru.  You hear that great things are happening there.

You get on your computer and go on Facebook. Let's see, Mike Riggs...  Aha!  There's his post.

"So glad to be back in Peru!"

Too late!  But he was in the US all year.  You thought there was plenty of time.

Don't let this happen to you.  If you are planning to have us speak at your church, you need to contact us and set up a date for us to speak to your church or group.

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