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7 Surprising Reasons to Pay Peruvian Teachers

One of our ministry's greatest needs right now is money to pay our Peruvian teachers, who are doing it all while we are in the US. 
We get some questions about this. 
Why can't the teacher just volunteer?
Why not just use gringo missionaries?
Some Peruvians even say that the teachers are "bloodsuckers."
We decided to go over our reasons. We found that Some of them may surprise you.

1. EmpoweringPeruvianstoteach is what our ministry is all about.

This actually was a surprise to us. When we started thinking about it, we realized this:

Our teachers are not just a step on the way to getting Peruvians who are reliable men competent to teach others.
They ARE reliable Peruvians competent to teach others. 

They are the example, the first wave.
What we are doing  is empowering them to use their gifts and schooling so that others look at them and say, "That's how I wanna be."

They send the message to the notoriously  low self-esteemed Peruvians that YES YOU CAN DO THI…

Couples Ministry - A need that hasn't gone away

I posted this story several years ago.
I'm reposting because the need hasn't gone away, and we've recently talked to several people interested in this.
One of the needs here is a ministry here to couples. (So anyone who is looking for a ministry to's a call....)
This past weekend shows the urgency of the need.
On Friday night Sister Tila from the church came to visit us. She is a lovely older lady who has a ministry of visiting the sick and praying for them. She is illiterate and takes a box of Bible promises to share. The person draws a promise from the box and reads it aloud. This is how she shares Scripture with them. She came to visit us to ask us to set up a time of counseling with a troubled couple.
She also shared some of her testimony. She and her husband had a bad, but typical marriage for this culture. They were in a remote village working their fields and tending their cattle, and she decided that she could not stand the physical abuse…