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Fiesta Espíritual in Huancaray (October)

Strike Losing Favor: Pray for an End

Last week everyone here was optimistic about the strike.  (Including us.) Today a radio call-in show on Agricultor (Farmer) Radio was asking people if they were in favor of the strike and the response was an overwhelming "NO."  There are three big reasons:

Strike (again)

Okay, we have about a week before we leave Andahuaylas for our visit to the US, family, and US churches.  And everything is complicated by a general strike.  We can only do business or travel to Andahuaylas in the morning before 9 am or after 4 or 5 pm.
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And we are in agreement with this strike.  The strike is to protest the large amounts of money that have been funneled into the hospital and road paving projects with no result.  The road between Ayacucho and Andahuaylas is close to completion.  The road between Abancay and Andahuaylas----nothing.  The new hospital has vanished into thin air, and the director of the current hospital has changed possession like a basketball.  Who knows who it is?  AND there is a report of the privatization of the water system, coupled with constant cuts in water.  So we want to support the strike, because there are not a lot of other ways to call the government's attention to problems.
We have gone through strik…

Marriage retreat

We had a great time teaching at a marriage retreat this week in Andahuaylas.  Eighteen couples from the Andahuaylas IEP church attended.  The highlight was (unfortunately) when I decked Jorge (a large policeman who goes to our church and is  a student at the seminary) during the volleyball game.  I was going for the ball and he hadn't called it.  I still can't believe I actually knocked him down.
A lot of better things happened.  Several couples seemed to really connect and give their marriages to God.  Everyone had a good time as well, even Jorge.