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Prayer Request - Walter's Family

Walter Ccoicca's father is now with the Lord.  He passed away from congestive heart failure oh Friday of this week.  Theirs is generally a very long lived family and his passing away in his 70s is a real blow to them as they expected 20 some more years of life with him.  Although the end has been a while in coming they were all still hoping he would snap out of it.  Please pray for the family as they deal with this loss.

Walter, for those of you who don't know about him, is one of the Quechua teachers in the seminary.  He also teaches in various church institutes and conferences in the country.  

If you would like email Walter or send an eCard, his email address  Keep in mind that Walter speaks and reads Spanish and Quechua.  He does not know English, but any encouragement, even in English, would be an encouragement to him.

Walter will have to cover some funeral expenses, since life insurance is not common among the Quechua Indians.  If you would lik…

Problem Provides Big Opportunity

The Andahuaylas Central IEP church, which is our Peruvian church home,  has long had a problem of allowing anyone who said that they were a preacher to preach, without checking their credentials or doctrine.  Allowing many people to preach is a hallmark of many Latino churches and often allows young men to hone their skills.  So  it is not uncommon for a church to have 20 or more people preach at various services during a year.  However, these are usually qualified church members.

Although Mike has taught doctrine classes, at the church’s request, with great attendance from the church members, many church officers did not attend .

All this came to a head when they let a university professor; unknown and new to town, preach several times.  He claimed to have several special revelations from God.  He was good at fundraising, and the church was building a new building and the costs turned out to be much greater than budgeted. Additionally, the church, with its majority Quechua membershi…