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Weekend Conference

We had a great time at a Youth Conference yesterday. It was hosted by another local mission association like Kausay--this one aimed at training youth for Christian service.

There were about 40 kids in attendance (including Chris). They all had to read some material before the conference, take a test at the conference, and participate in the conference seminars. The plan is to have a conference every 3 months and then at the end of two years the kids can go on a trip to Cuzco if they have met all the requirements.

The goal of the association is to raise up the next generation of workers in ministry. It's the same goal that we have--only we are working with the kids when they graduate from high school. (and the current pastors as well.)

It was great to see all these young people attentive and learning. They also asked great questions in Q & A time that showed they had actually been sharing their faith and running into objections that they were now looking to answer.

The st…

Prayer and Praise, November 27

Here are some prayers and praises that we would like to share:

Please pray for a peaceful, fair resolution to troubles between the cities of Abancay and Andahuaylas. One that doesn't give in to violence and craziness. Abancay didn't like the proposed regional budget from the national government that granted money for a hospital project that Andahuaylas had proposed. They preferred that this money, even though from a separate fund, be divided up between all the provinces of Apurimac. (No, it doesn't make sense!) So they went on a strike, paralyzing their city and electing the regional vice president as president. Several attempts at negotiation have fallen through, even though violence has stopped.

On a related note, praise God that Chris and Tammy got safely out of Abancay even though they arrived on the first day of the strike. And that two weeks later we got our suitcases shipped out of there and nothing was missing.

Please pray for the many couples who have been r…