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No news is good news?

First, I would like to present 1000 apologies (as you would say in Spanish) for not posting anything, since---well, a long time ago. So here goes (actually there are only eight) . . .
  1. This year we have stayed in at least a dozen different places and I have been thinking I will get it going when we get settled down.
  2. The landlady sold our house (seriously) while we were in the US and so we have had to really start over in Peru and we still don't have internet in the house, but must go to a cabina.
  3. I wasn't able to get in touch with all the friends I wanted to in the US and I felt guilty about them reading that I was back in Peru without seeing them.
  4. Last year things were changing so often that I didn't know what to say.
  5. I think that it will look better with a picture and don't have one to post.
  6. I needed to set up a new blog account for Impact International, and I felt inhibited by it being an "official" blog.
  7. There was too much to write!
  8. My luggage was stolen with my notebook that had things I wanted to put on the blog.

Anyway, we ARE back in Peru, we are moderately settled down--going to move in November up to the mountains, but that's it.

I am really sorry I wasn't able to see everyone (yes Judy, especially you) but I have to say something sometime.

I am set up so I can email my blog from my cell phone, so I can put in some pictures and say something even from my house or on the road.

So that should put an end to excuses!

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