Prayer Update

  • Continue to pray about the Becky, Colin, and Chris's visas. Still no action there--they are hung up in the Department of Justice with those or other missionaries.
  • Pray for protection for Mike's health after his busy trip.
  • Pray for safe return of Becky and the group from the school that went to Arequipa.
  • Pray for God's provision for a vehicle for us in Andahuaylas. Where we will be living is not within walking distance of a market.
  • Pray for God's provision for the wedding: still needed--Becky's documents to be complete, Becky's medical exam (required here), a location (and money to rent it (the first choice has fallen through)), money for the dinner that is served, wedding clothing for our family (apart from Becky), invitations for Peruvians (the location problem has to be solved for this to happen), and the fabric to be available for the bridesmaid's dresses.
  • Wisdom for Mike and I as we write a grant request for Kausay to obtain funding for the vocational and educational projects--agricultural training, school, and orphanage.

Praise God:

  • For the provision of a place to live in Andahuaylas--and more than that-- a whole facility for teams and campaigns--and adjacent to the property of Kausay. The name of the property is Munay Wasi, and the contract for use of the land is already signed (amazing in Peru).
  • For the opportunity He has provided for Kausay to receive funding from a Christian organization looking for a way to aid educational and vocational institutions in the Andes.
  • For the progress that has been made on curriculum and plans for the Bible Institute programs.
  • For Mike and Colin's safe return and very successful trip.
  • For His incredible goodness and faithfulness.

1 comment:

  1. On these visas. Chris's came through with no problem. Becky got hers, but lost her adult missionary status due to many problems, both with the new girl doing the paperwork for us and immigrations, which changed their computer system and laws. This is not a problem, as after the wedding she will be in another migratory status anyway. HOWEVER, COLIN LOST HIS VISA and now is just a tourist. This is very frustrating, especially as it would not have happened had the new girl presented his papers correctly earlier, immigration had filed his paperwork where they could find it, OR the man at the airport had entered him as a resident and not (incorrectly) as a tourist.
    Now he is in the country illegally and will have to pay a fine, leave, and reenter. He also has to think a lot about future plans.