Prayer Request - Health

As part of getting ready for the move, we have scheduled checkups. This Tuesday we went to the cardiologist, Mike to check on his blood pressure and to change his medication because he found out it is linked to kidney stones, and me to check on my problem leg.
My problem leg is the one that I have had recurrent cellulitis in since a trip to Piura where a mosquito bite started the trouble.
It turned out that I have slightly high blood pressure too. Probably a result of the weight I picked up on the US trip!
Also that the recurrent infections are related to a circulation problem, so I will be having a test today to see how much of a problem that is.
Also that Mike's medication wasn't controlling his blood pressure well anymore, anyway, so definitely needed changed.

Please pray--
  • that our test results come out well
  • that Mike's new medicine takes effect right away (yesterday we could see that it was starting to work)
  • that my pressure comes down.
  • that we would lose enough weight to make the difference.

Thank you for your prayers,


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