Surgery and a 30 day delay

Definitely there is surgery in my future. The vascular surgeon and another cardiologist say that there is no other option for my problems with my legs. Yes, LEGS , I am going to have vein stripping (they really pull the veins out of your legs! eewww!) So next week I should get the bad veins removed (that sounds very creepy to me!) Unfortunately the doctor also said it would be four weeks before I could travel, so the move to Andahuaylas will have to be after Christmas.
I know that God has a plan in this happening at this time.
Please praise God for a good housing solution for the one month extra. The landlady yesterday suggested that we could stay where we are--which would be the best solution--but because it is beachfront and summer is beginning it would be way out of our price range if they charge the usual summer rate. Also they are very nice people and we don't want them to lose any income from the apartment by us staying here. However, today the Landlord said that we have been such good tenants, quiet, maintaining the house nice, paying on time and so he said we could stay here for the same price! God truly is in control and good to us.

In Christ,

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