Thank you, Prayer Supporter Man

Yesterday, I wrote that we needed prayer--lots of expenses, money that didnt arrive, Christmas, a move, obstacles, and yes, (in my case) frustration at not being able to do anything. Everything seemed, from a human viewpoint, discouraging.

Thank you for praying!

We did a skit when we were deputating:
Melba Missionary is writing her prayer letter to supporters--
she tells about hair-raising taxi rides with cheating drivers who overcharge her,
how the officials in immigration deny her requests for the most trivial reasons (what kind of shoes she has on),
and her loud-mouthed neighbor who won't listen to gospel, puts her down, and borrows her stuff all the time.
Melba is coming unglued.
Her prayer letter arrives in the States:
Mild-mannered Clark Christian picks up the prayer letter, steps into his prayer closet, and becomes....
Prayer Supporter Man!
Melba receives money to buy a car,
Her visa is approved,
And her neighbor humbly asks her to talk to him and his wife about the Bible.
Melba thinks someone must be praying for her.

Really, that is so many times the way it is. We received both some money and a lot of encouragement--because y'all prayed.

Thank you, Prayer Supporter Man.

In Christ,

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