As predictable as.... Peru?

Saturday morning I got up early to go give a devotional at a women's conference. Before I left I set out the garbage, because the garbage truck had gone by ringing its bell. (It goes by ringing its bell and then comes back and picks up the garbage sometime later.) Actually I set out the garbage, and then picked it up after a dog ripped into it. And actually, Mike took it back in the house later because the truck didn't come back. Just a harbinger!

I arrived at the church and found the door inside to the sanctuary locked and no one around. The church custodian arrived with a bag of oatmeal--and told me that the sisters were not there for the conference, but that there were problems--the enemy, she whispered always attacks at such times. And said that she had been there until 5 am for the prayer vigil. Then she let me into the sanctuary. I decided to pray as I waited for the ladies, but I kept hearing crying and shouting from a back room, so I decided to pray for the "problems." In a few minutes the custodian came back to say that I was needed in that room.

The problems were a mother and a daughter, who, it turns out have a long history of violence that no one in the church was aware of. After the prayer vigil they were sleeping in the room and broke out into a full-fledged brawl with kicks, punches and broken glasses. So instead of giving a devotional I spent the morning counseling along with Pastor Benjamin's wife Noemi. (Benjamin is the secretary of Kausay and was the speaker for the conference.)

Back to the house, and Mike and I decided to go out for a date. We decided to take some dessert home to Colin (Chris was at a weekend camp) wanted to find a bakery that is supposed to be on our street, but in the direction we usually don´t go (away from the main square and toward Munay Wasi). Upshot--we walked and walked in the blazing noonday sun--no bakery! At least I got my 10,000 steps in--and before 2 pm!

Well, back to the house, ready to kick back and relax because we have absolutely no commitments for the rest of the day! Maybe watch a DVD, who knows?

In about 10 minutes the phone rings. It is Cayo Vargas' (pres. of Kausay) wife Elizabeth. Can we be at her parents' house in 15 minutes. Sure, I say. So off walking again! It turns out it is her father's birthday, and they have made chicharron! Their kitchen is in back of the house and they cook with firewood. That is certainly the way to cook pork rinds! We enjoy some with boiled potatoes, then we talk with the family and another guest, a preacher and ex-policeman who is working closing down illegal taverns at the city's request.

Then we enjoy some soup. Then, as it gets dark and cold, (We go through summer and winter every day here.) we go sit around the fire in the dirt-floored kitchen, enjoying a new round of chicharron and potatoes, fresh from the fire, telling jokes and Mike answering questions about people who have visions, how God guides believers, etc.

Eventually it is time to go home. As we walk home in the dark, we find the bakery. It has no sign, so when it is closed, it is effectively not there! We pick up some yummy tajadas (rolls filled with elderberry) for breakfast.

Another, good, busy, unpredictable day.


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