Louisiana times and short term trips

We're in Louisiana now at Camp Pearl. The weather has mostly been hot and muggy or rainy with a lot of mosquitoes. However, the last few days have begun to feel like fall.

The churches here are planning a mission trip to Andahuaylas at the end of 2010. That will be exciting. There are lots of opportunities to help with teaching, construction, or medical campaigns.

Beaumont Bible Church ( from Beamont TX) is planning a trip for the end of this year. This will be our first time to host a team up there, so we will be making all the arrangements when we return the first of November. Everyone there in Andahuaylas has been praying for them to come down and we already have a lot of backup for the medical team that is coming.

It is a struggle not to get fat out here because there is just too much good food! We will try to post some pictures later this week. (of the churches--not of food or how fat we are :)

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