Uripa - part 2 and 2 Prayer Requests

Our conference in Uripa took a surprising turn Saturday. The first session of the morning was about how giving is more than just tithing to the church. We discussed giving your time to help others and even loaning tools! Then we took a break.

The break was cut short by a phone call that a church leader who had been on his way to the conference had been in an accident. Another call revealed that the man's wife was badly injured and on her way to the Health Department in Uripa.

A group of about 10 set out for the health department. Along the way we tried to figure out what had happened. Had they been coming by bus? By taxi? Was the whole family injured?

On arrival at the Health Department we found the 4 year old daughter of the family sitting calmly outside eating a yogurt. She told us that the whole family had been coming by motorcycle.

At first, everyone thought that all four were on one motorcycle, but it turned out that the little girl was on one with her father, and the teenage daughter had been driving the other with her mother as passenger. They came to a steep, pebbly downhill turn and the girl braked quickly because of a child who seemed ready to run into the road. The motorcycle flipped.

The mother's leg seemed to be crushed and she was in great pain. The daughter had cuts and bruises and could only cry. To make matters worse, the Health Department didn't even have x-ray or a driver for their ambulance. She needed to be taken to the hospital in Andahuaylas. An ambulance came from nearby Chincheros, but refused to take her because someone else might need the ambulance in the meantime. (You have to love this reasoning!) In the end the Health Department loaned a mattress so she could be sent in a taxi for the 2 hour trip.

The brothers from the church really put the conference teaching into action, staying and helping, giving the family money, and bringing chicken soup from the church (that was the luncheon that day). One of them drove the taxi.
And that comprised the morning and afternoon session of the conference.

The rest of the confernce went normally and we returned to Andahuaylas with gifts of a chicken, 2 bags of corn, a bag of mangos, and of course the avocadoes from the mayor!

Please pray for Victoria (the injured woman) and her family. Her kneecap was crushed and will need to be reconstructed. Right now the danger is infection and she has had several surgeries to drain the site.

Please also be in prayer for a friend of Chris. Twelve year old Alejandro was in a motorcycle accident the same weekend and yesterday needed emergency surgery on his foot. It seems that although the mother thought it was only sprained, infection had set in so badly that he was in danger of losing the foot. This family are not believers, and I had the chance to pray with the mother yesterday at the hospital. Please pray that the boy recovers well (and with two feet!) and that they come to Christ.

Thanks for your prayers!

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