We'd like you to pray for....

The Bible Institute in Andahuaylas - this is held up by politics and power struggles. Pray for us to have patience and God to smooth the way.

Trip to Lima - time to pick up that passport that Mike renewed. Plus we have a busy agenda of looking for Bibles for distribution, visiting churches that are interested in the work, and visiting our beautiful granddaughter and her parents.

Sullin - the little daughter of our coworker Pastor Walter Ccoicca. She has been suffering from a fever and the doctors haven't yet found the infection.

Maritza - the wife of our coworker Cayo Cardenas. She is suffering from an ovarian cyst and needs treatment.

Thompson Bible Conferences in Ocabamba and Inca Wasi- pray that these get organized so that enough people show up on time the first day. (We are putting in a mini conference on marriage or some other popular theme the day before to help with this.) These conferences are a great blessing but we will not be able to continue them if the local leaders can't get organized.

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