Very busy weekend--or maybe not (ambiguity in the Andes)

Mike is gearing up for a busy weekend...or at least he probably is.

About a month ago a pastor from the community of Piscobamba came to talk to him about being the speaker for the church anniversary.  The church anniversary here is like homecoming in Alabama.  Everyone remotely connected with the church comes to the fiesta--featuring food, guest speakers, singing groups from other churches.  In many communities it is THE special event.

The pastor from Piscobamba is an extremely soft-spoken man with a very high voice.  Spanish is his second language.  He invited Mike to the anniversary and gave him a date for it.  Then he went next door to talk to the neighbor.  On his way back out, he reminded Mike not to forget the anniversary, and seemed to say a different date.

Since then, he has not contacted Mike.  Other leaders in the denomination have said that the first date had to be wrong, because it was during the national election, when it is illegal to have a public meeting.  So we are guessing that it is this weekend, but we haven't gotten any confirmation.  (As usual, there is no way to contact the community.)

So Mike is prepared to go.  Tomorrow morning he teaches the seminary class in Andahuaylas, and he hopes to get some solid information from one of the students, several of whom come from outlying communities and should know if an anniversary celebration is planned.

If he goes, he will have to grab lunch and go to Piscobamba to be there in time to preach Saturday night and Sunday.  Then he will come back Sunday afternoon.

Please pray that he finds out if he is supposed to be there.  ( and if not WHEN he is supposed to be there) and for a safe trip, as we are still having torrential rains that can wash out the roads.