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At the clinica

You probably know that we went to Cuzco for some routine medical checks.  Mike came out great.  His heart is in good shape, cholesterol and blood sugar perfect, triglycerides and blood pressure a little high, so he's still working on that.  His doctor was very pleased.  My cholesterol was borderline again.

AND while it is good news that I do not have arthritis or any damage in the hip that has been bothering me since a fall walking the dog last year, I do need physical therapy for the apparent muscular problem that is causing the pain and stiffness.  Although it is a lumbar problem I haven't had back pain, but to my complete (and painful) surprise, the small of my back is very tender  (Doctors always know how to find these things out.)

When we left the clinic we went to the pharmacy by our hotel to get the shot prescribed for me.  The pharmacist gave me what was absolutely the worst, most painful shot I have ever had.  Two days later, I still have a bruise.  She told me I could come back the next day and she would give me another shot free.  Although I gritted my teeth and  thanked her very much, I decided to limp home without the second shot and get the other two at home in Talavera.

I got the next shot today and the syringe that I got in Cuzco, evidently a fellow to the first one, would not put out any liquid.  Our pharmacist pulled it out, replaced the needle with another, and it worked.  Experimenting with the Cuzco needle and some water (the pharmacist was curious), we found that it would only shoot out water if Mike hammered on the plunger.  No wonder I have a bruise!

So now the hunt is on for physical therapy in Andahuaylas.   Viki told me that she had to go to Curahuasi for therapy when she was dragged by a cow.  The pharmacist thinks she has seen a sign that says Therapy and Rehabilitation here in Talavera.  We'll have to see what's true.

 I could always go to Cuzco, but it seems to me that it would be more beneficial to have therapy without the bus trip.

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