Prayer request--spine with a twist

Well, I did find a therapist in Andahuaylas.   After the first day´s therapy he called to my friend who had brought me (he evidently hadn't figured out that I was not a tourist yet) and told her that my spine was curving to the left and I needed to get a spinal x-ray.  That proved to be an ordeal that involved a day of fasting and 3 bottles of castor oil. (Ugh!)  Even though the resulting x-ray was still faint, the doc found that I had scoliosis (which wasn't the result of a fall) and some vertebrae that had slipped out of place.

Here is my diagnosis (given to me on a small scrap of paper):
 The upshot is that for now I have to lose weight and wear a back support.
Please pray that these conditions don't degenerate and that the therapy would calm the pain in my hip.  And praise God that none of this has caused the excruciating pain that it could have!

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