Pictures--August Team in Los Angeles

Children in Los Angeles enjoying teaching.  This community has few resources.  Chris told me that the only game the kids had there was rolling a lid from a bucket with a stick.  The community is at an altitude where fruit does not grow.  Many children do not have shoes, and have never received a toy.

L to R Walter and Ruth Ccoicca, Maritza and Cayo Cardenas, Mike and Tammy Riggs, Sam Grillo, Bill and Becky Rowley, Silvi Linares

Lunch Break

On the road

Excited to have their picture taken so they can look at it on the digital camera.


These pastors and leaders completed a survey of the whole Bible.

The bus we used is in the background.  Most of the women and children were still  in their groups, so they aren't in the picture.

This LA doesn't even show up on Google Earth, but its central location allows people from many pueblos to come for teaching.

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