Strike Losing Favor: Pray for an End

Last week everyone here was optimistic about the strike.  (Including us.) Today a radio call-in show on Agricultor (Farmer) Radio was asking people if they were in favor of the strike and the response was an overwhelming "NO."  There are three big reasons:
1.  Violence erupted Thursday afternoon and left close to 40 people injured in confrontation between protesters and police.

2. The original organizers (marching in photo above)have declared that they are satisfied with  government actions  and have quit the strike unless the government does not keep promises to ban mining in the district because of a serious water pollution problem that has been killing birds, fish, and crops.  However, more extremist groups that have infiltrated the protest have decided to continue the strike indefinitely.Photo:
3. With these guys and their sticks and whips keeping businesses closed and  shutting down  transportation,  food is starting to run out.Photo:

Our plan is still to leave Monday for Lima, if it is at all possible.  However, God will have to move in a mighty way for this to happen.  Please pray for a peaceful resolution to the situation.

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