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1.       Visas are calculated in calendar days, not business days, as we had been told. Thank you, God, that we decided to go early.
2.       A bus from a respected company can run out of gas before it reaches its destination, even in the middle of the Atacama Desert at noon.
3.       If you chomp on a dead bee in your dessert on the bus, you are just supposed to consider it proof that it was made with real honey.
4.       "Ladies of the evening" sometimes travel . . . and work . . . on buses.
5.       Even though you have relied on a bus company for years, it might turn out to be incredibly, incredibly bad.
6.       Celebrating Thanksgiving with other missionaries can be a wonderful experience, even if it wasn't what you had planned.
7.       Thunderstorms look awesome from above.
8.       The dish called Picante Tacne├▒a is more or less chitlins in hot sauce.
9.       Two cats can completely cover a corduroy sofa cushion with cat hair in about a week if no one is there to clean up.
Coming home is probably the best part of traveling.

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