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2 Important Announcements! (Part 1)

First Announcement:

 In 2007 we began to work with Believers Bridge, Our one over-riding goal  was to do whatever God would lead us into in such a way that the work would be able to be a Peruvian ministry.

 That was behind all we did as the Lord led us to found the Evangelical Seminary of Apurimac (Seminario Evangélico de Apurímac or SEA) in 2011.

We are proud to say that the first big step into this independence has been taken! In December of 2014, the staff, faculty and students of SEA voted to elect their first Board of Directors.
  • Mike will remain for at least two more years as the General Director 
  • The SEA has yet to become fully self-supporting 
    • (like all colleges will always need donations, but the goal is for the funds to come from Peruvian sources in the future).
  •  The new Board is in the process of putting the SEA in line with other Peruvian Institutions, so: 
    • The SEA will be formally recognized as a degree granting college, and will be able to get State benefits (access to statewide education funds for improvements, for example).
    •  The SEA will also be able to receive items from abroad without paying exorbitant taxes or risking the impounding of said items.

It is as if our child has gotten her first job and we are so proud of the leadership of the new Board. Step one has been taken.

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