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News from Mike & Tammy Riggs--Miguel & Becky's mission trip

November 2015 Gomez mission
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The Riggs Report

Pray for the Gomez Family Mission Trip

Miguel, Becky, Abigail and Nicholas will be coming to the US on their mission trip this week.  They (and we) are so excited.  Even though Miguel and Becky have been married for 7 years this is the first time they have had the opportunity to come to the States.  Miguel, Abby, and Nicky will be seeing the States for the first time. They are in for some interesting experiences!

They will be working with Elk Ridge Baptist Church and pastor Daniel McCabe in Stephenville, Texas for a year to start a Spanish-speaking ministry.  This also gives them the first chance they have had to share with U.S. churches about the church planting ministry that they are doing as full-time missionaries in Peru.

Prayer Requests:
Tammy and I have learned through the years how very important prayer is to the whole process of Missions. We know that Missions work is plain impossible without sufficient prayer partners. And so, whenever a group or an individual is going out on a mission trip, no matter if it is a week or a career, it is so important there are people committing to pray regularly for them. Their home church in Peru has done this, and we would like to ask you to join us in praying for them.  Here are several specific areas for prayer.
  • Pray that God will keep their family strong.  The stress of serving in another country is hard on relationships. Pray that they remember how special they are to one another.  
  • Pray for their good health.  They will be exposed to new germs and different food.  The U.S. has its special health hazards: nearly everyone who comes here gains weight! Pray that God will keep them healthy so they can do their mission.  
  • Pray for their financial needs. One of the heaviest burdens that a missionary carries is the burden of financial support.  While Elk Ridge will be taking care of their daily needs here, they will still have a few expenses in Peru and they really need to raise the support they need for the church plant in Lima, Peru when they return. And specifically right now they need for their trip – final and airport costs in Lima, money to cover a night's layover in Ft. Lauderdale, and 1 suitcase.
  • Pray for good work relationships with all of the folks at Elk Ridge. Pray for good communications, love for one another, and a focus on serving the Lord. 
  • Pray for clear words and boldness of speech. Pray for many opportunities to share the gospel, and favor with the Spanish speakers in the area. Pray for relationships that result spiritual growth. Pray for disciples that are able to carry on the ministry after Miguel and Becky go back to Peru. 
  • Pray for how God will use you.  It might be to encourage. It might be to support. Maybe you are the next one He's sending!
There will be many new and ongoing opportunities and needs for prayer as they serve the Lord this year. If you would like to be a part of their prayer support team – and I know how much that will mean to them! – please click here and fill out the form to receive their email prayer updates. I promise that they won't bury you in email! It would be great to have you on their team!
In His peace,
Mike and Tammy Riggs teach in Bible schools and seminaries in Peru.  Their ministry team includes several Peruvian missionaries.  

Miguel and Becky Gomez are highlighted in this letter.  Miguel is a Peruvian who has been working in church planting.  He is also our son-in-law.  Many of you know his wife, our daughter Becky.

You can find out more about how to participate in their ministry in Peru at
"specifically right now they need for their trip – final and airport costs in Lima, money to cover a night's layover in Ft. Lauderdale, and 1 suitcase.
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These prayer suggestions are based on the following terrific webpage:
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