Power of Prayer

When the going gets tough--the tough get praying! 

Ok, that's not really a saying, but prayer really is the best thing to do in a bad situations. God really shows up when things get harried and stressful.
Or maybe https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1KFtYb4E2BpVHPWnv26oOO-nH9aBiconLwe just pay more attention to what He does.

Two recent and noticeable answers to prayer:

When the team from Elk Ridge was here, the washer broke down and the repairman thought that it was going to need a costly repair.  The team prayed, and when he came back to check if the problem was the computer chip in the washer, it just worked!  The repairman concluded that there had just been water in the machine causing a short circuit (There had been a leaky roof that we had just repaired).

On a busy day, a cell phone disappeared from the house.  Suspicions were rife because there was work being done on the bathroom and people coming and going.  We sent out a prayer request that God would clear this up. The phone, which had been missing for a week, turned up in a completely unexpected place, to everyone's relief.

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