Even though the facility at Munay Wasi is available for s./100 a month to us, we thought that we should look at apartments to make a wise decision. Two came up available in our price range, around s./400-600.

The first is on the second floor of this building.
Actually it is still more of a concept, but the brother who would rent it would divide it into rooms and build a kitchen and bath, if we put down a deposit that would enable him to do so.

This one is on the third floor. It DOES have two bedrooms.

And a small kitchen.

And a small living room.

It has a great view from the roof.

However, we decided after looking at these that Munay was the best option. It is not right downtown, as these are, but the rent difference makes up for the transportation costs.
Transportation is not as easy there, but there are combis (the 15 passenger vans that run a route), which are cheaper than the motos or taxis.
I will post pictures of Munay as soon as I get a cable for my new camera phone. My old phone got lost or stolen on the trip. :( Posted by Picasa

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